KLS Corporation has been specializing in producing Colorants for Plastics, Additives for Plastics, and Special Chemicals, etc. Our creative ability in research, productivity and QC are based on some advanced accurate instruments, such as spectrophotometer, moisture meter, viscometer, digital color matching system, etc. Our products have obtained many international certificates and service are facing forward to the globalization.
      Since we established our firm in 1984, we always insist on our management ideal in the good faith, the practical, and the innovation. We also always take our goal to provide for our customers with the remarkable products, and the satisfaction of service. We believe that these are the only ways of promotion and growth in our unceasing diligence by continuously and modestly receiving customers' advices to accomplish the requirements from them. In the era of swiftly technical progress and globalization marketing strategy wherever in the world, we wish to do our best business management on the scientific style, the efficiency, and the rationalization.