Polymer Laboratory:
    We established thorough polymer experiment modules (PU, Acrylic, Silicone, UP, Epoxy etc.) to ensure the dependabilities of all new products. Our polymer laboratory has been providing our R & D team with strong supports to efficiently evaluate and improve the qualities of all products.
Color matching Center:
    A team of zealous R & D chemical engineers in KLS, has always been devoting technical back up to provide the solution of any customers' problem.  Our computer colors matching system lets us match a new color within just few minutes. The more unimpeded connection lies between users and us makes our quick digital color matching possible.
Customer-oriented Items: 
    We take new trend of tendency on products for more precise quality requested. The unique nanotechnology causes the products to be more delicate. The strict QC and R&D teams are always to devote mutual profits among customers and us.